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These softeners cost less than £10 a year to run on electricity compared to £117 for a washing machine, £104 for a tumble dryer, £153 for a full-size dishwasher and £155 for a free-standing fridge freezer.

(source for non-softener appliances:, October 2022)

Ultimate Electric Softener

Matrix HE

Product code — MATM004HE

High efficiency water softener suitable for 2 – 16 people

  • WRAS approved – demonstrating quality and durability of the highest standard
  • Leading 7 year parts and 2 year labour warranty – for complete peace of mind
  • Opti-brining with HE resin – only regenerates the resin (food grade) that has been used
  • Includes Rapid-Fit bypass which reduces the components needed for installation by up to 80%
  • Digital display for easy control and programming
  • Built in customer protect programme (CPP) that:
    • detects leaks in your plumbing system
    • delays regeneration until 2am
    • learns your water usage patterns to regenerate accordingly and make substantial savings on salt and water use
    • automatically adjusts to BST and GMT time changes
  • High flow rates and low pressure drops
  • Free flow valve technology – flow rates up to 75 lpm
  • Robust design for quick and easy installation
  • Complete with full standard installation kit and water hardness test kit
  • Electrical supply – 220v 3 pin plug with plug-in transformer

1038 x 270 x 503 HxWxD (mm)

Depth shown above includes allowance for Maxflow hoses (included).  If using Ultra flow hoses for 28mm applications, please allow an extra 25mm to depth.

5,700 litres (at 300ppm)

Salt use per regeneration (kg): Tablet 3.15 – 4.5

Water Pressure (bar): 1.5 – 5

Max Op. Temp (°C): 49

Max flow rate (lpm): 70

Connection: 3/4” mbsp (1″ mbsp available)

Additional Information

Product video

The Benefits of Soft Water

Installation guide

Which water softener is best for you?

Our handy online tool will help you to decide. It takes just seconds.

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Which water softener is best for you?

Our handy online tool will help you to decide. It takes just seconds.

Enter your postcode below to check your water hardness. It is important to know if you have hard or soft water.


Re-Introducing — 
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The Midi HE is the UK’s best-selling softener in the merchant channel and the number 1 choice for UK installers. The WRAS-approved Midi HE is high efficiency and provides the ultimate protection against limescale.

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We’re so confident our products will meet your needs that we’ve assembled a group of existing customers – our ‘champions’. Our advocates will directly answer any questions you may have, from installation to living with a Monarch Water product.

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The Eczema

Monarch is the perfect partner for The Eczema Academy, offering a multitude of sustainable, WRAS-approved water treatment products that can help alleviate skin conditions, such as, eczema. Carolyn Akinyemi, founder of the academy said: “We are extremely happy to be working alongside Monarch – a reputable and innovative company that offers a number of softening and filtration solutions, which are key components in the effective protocols for the relief of Eczema”.

Together, Monarch and The Eczema Academy aim to educate people on how they can help relieve and control their Eczema. Ian Flack, Monarch’s head of sales said: “We are proud to be supporting Carolyn and The Eczema Academy. We are looking forward to working closely with her going forward to help convey the benefits that soft water can bring to those affected by eczema”.

If you would like to find out more about The Eczema Academy, visit or email

Keep up-to-date with all the latest from The Eczema Academy by subscribing to their YouTube channel here.